Roofing in Fayetteville

If the roof over your head isn’t sturdy, it might as well not be there at all. You need your roof to protect you from the elements, so if it’s failing to perform you need to act quickly.

Thaxton Construction LLC is an experienced roofing company in Fayetteville, specializing in high quality roofing solutions for home and business owners. If your roof has seen better days, or if you’ve been considering an upgrade, there’s no better time than now to get in touch. For all your roof installation, maintenance and repair jobs, you can count on us.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Even the sturdiest roofs need repairs done every once in a while, and when they do it’s essential to choose a company you can trust. It may be tempting to get up on the ladder and try and repair the roof yourself, but without the proper training you run the risk of serious injury.

At Thaxton Construction LLC, our entire team has received extensive training, and is able to safely and efficiently perform roof repairs and maintenance of all kinds. Whether you need some shingles replaced or require a new waterproof seal, we would be happy to help.

Roof Replacement

Are you in search of a new roof for your home or office? If you’re looking to switch from one type of roofing material to another, our skilled staff can help you narrow down your options. Choosing the best material is more complicated than selecting which one looks the best, after all.

Our aim is to find the perfect roof for all our clients, which we do by taking the time to learn about their specific needs and vision. If eco-friendliness is a concern, we can recommend options that are more environmentally-minded. If the home is in an area that’s prone to heavy winds or storms, we can suggest materials that can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear.

By recognizing that each of our clients has unique needs, we are able to go above and beyond what other companies provide.

Thaxton Construction LLC understands how important that is, which is why we on stock the strongest materials for Fayetteville roofs. If we don’t trust a product, we won’t recommend it, it’s that simple.

The most important quality your roof needs to have is durability. You need a roof that can stand up to everything that comes its way. From the sunniest days to the rainiest nights, a good roof is one that continues to perform year after year.

How to Spot a Failing Roof

There are a few things Fayetteville home and business owners can look for to know if their roofs are in need of repair or replacement before leaks do serious water damage to the rest of the building. Obviously, if there are water stains on your ceiling, you should seek out Thaxton Construction LLC’s services immediately. However, there are still a few things you can look for before water starts to collect.

The first thing to pay attention to is the age of your roof. Regardless of the material it is made out of, if it is over 20 years old, there is a very good chance that it needs replacing. But age isn’t the only factor. Even material that has been recently installed can be susceptible to damage.

Whenever you suspect that there is a problem above your head, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by the professionals. Because it is always possible that the structural integrity has been compromised, do not climb up on your own to inspect it up close. Getting a pair of binoculars is a lot easier to acquire and safer to use than a ladder. And, because you can usually spot most problems from the ground, this is always the best option for someone who does not have any experience in these types of repair jobs.

With your binoculars in hand, you should be looking for shingles that are cracked, curling up, missing or appear smooth. If you see any of these, it means your shingles are deteriorating and will require replacing.

If you can access your attic, it is also a good idea to go in there on a sunny day to check for pinhole spots of light. If light is coming through, that means the flashing is damaged which is a sign that there is plenty of work for us to do. While in the attic, it’s worth taking the time to scan the underside of the sheathing for any new signs of water staining as well as soft or moist spots. If there is a lot of moisture or light coming through, please do not hesitate to contact Thaxton Construction LLC today.

Proudly Serving Every Kind of Roof

Thanks to our many years of experience providing quality roofing services to the people Fayetteville, we can work on any type of roof including:

  • Flat commercial
  • Metal
  • Shingle
  • Steel shingle

No matter what your home needs, Thaxton Construction LLC can help. When you hire us to handle all your installation and repair needs, our priority is your satisfaction. You have our guarantee to always leave your property clean and much stronger than when we found it. People work their whole lives to provide a roof over their heads. This is something we are very aware of whenever when we work with Fayetteville home and business owners. By getting the best in the business, Thaxton Construction LLC will see to it that you continue to provide what you have worked so hard to own.

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