Residential Metal Roofs in Fayetteville

Whether it’s summer or winter, the fact of the matter is that stormy and inclement weather can hit your Fayetteville home at any time. That is why it is so important that when this happens, your house and family are protected with a strong and reliable metal roof. To put it simply, the difference between a residential metal roof that protects your family home from heavy rain or a thunderstorm and one that doesn’t is massive. So, if you want to give your Fayetteville home the best chance of surviving whatever mother nature can throw at it, then you need to call Thaxton Construction LLC right away. Our team of roofing experts combine their years of experience with the latest and most innovative techniques to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the strongest and most reliable roof for your Fayetteville home. Don’t settle for second best when the number one roofing team is right here on your doorstep.

Benefits of Residential Metal Roofing

When it comes to making improvements for your Fayetteville home, there are very few additions that will enhance your residence more than the installation of a metal roof. At Thaxton Construction LLC, we take what we do very seriously and are passionate about every facet of metal roof installation. Not only will a metal roof enhance your home’s value it will also add a range of other benefits to your home. Five of the biggest advantages that Fayetteville homeowners can take from Thaxton Construction LLC include:

  1. A wide range of beautiful roofing styles to match your Fayetteville home.
  2. Maximized wind resistance due to high-quality interlocking panels.
  3. High level of fire resistance, thereby reducing the risk of fire damage if lightning strikes.
  4. Higher level of energy efficiency by keeping Fayetteville homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  5. Low weight to help preserve the structural integrity and life of your residential roofing structure.

Importance of Paint

When it comes to residential metal roofing, the paint you select is a very important feature that shouldn’t be underestimated. In general, acrylic paints are the most popular option among our Fayetteville residential clientele.

Contact the Residential Metal Roof Experts Today

While DIY enthusiasts should always be encouraged, the fact of the matter is that if you don’t have the requisite experience in residential metal roof installation, then you really need to leave it to the experts. The simple fact of the matter is that even getting up a ladder can be dangerous if you are not familiar with the process. While, metal roofing installation itself brings an additional set of challenges that shouldn’t be tackled with the correct level of skill and expertise. If you are in Fayetteville and need your roof repaired, then there is only number to call. Don’t settle for second-best when the number one team is here for you to use.