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Is your home or business in need of roof repairs in the Griffin, GA area? Is so, you’ve come to the right place.

With over 70 years of roofing experience on our staff, we have made every roofing repair imaginable. We have the expertise, tools and experience to handle jobs of all sizes and we work on both residential and commercial roofs.

Problems that Could Be Affecting Your Roof

There is a litany of issues that could be plaguing your roof. For starters, any leakage or moisture issues should be looked at immediately. In addition, flashing issues, cracks and other crevices should be fixed to avoid larger problems down the line. Ventilation issues should also be looked at with urgency, as should deteriorating shingles, gutter integrity issues, and fascia problems.

Regardless of the issues plaguing your roof, the roofing experts at Thaxton Roofing will rectify the problem. We have built our reputation by providing top notch customer service and exceptional results.

If you need roof repairs performed on your home or commercial building, call us at (678) 779-2348.